Matthew Sanes

Representing the third generation of financial services professionals for his family, Matthew Sanes, a native Floridian, began his career in the financial services industry in 2006.

Unlike many other degreed professionals who started out at big brokerage firms, Matthew began his career working for a national wholesaler. “Instead of pushing products to meet sales quotas, I was able to learn about the investment architecture underlying various financial products. I observed how the most successful financial advisors met their clients’ needs, and how less successful advisors didn’t. I often tell people that my choice to work for a wholesaler instead of Wall Street took my career from 0 to 100 miles per hour in record time; I have experience that would have taken me several decades to acquire otherwise,” Sanes says.

He works with a variety of clients ranging from young working professionals to medium sized businesses with 200+ employees to retirees. He is passionate about what he does because as he says “Short of the medical profession, financial planners are one of the few professions that can have such a meaningful impact on the lives of the people you work with.”

He directs his two firms to use state-of-the-art financial planning tools which analyze more than historic performance when they design clients’ portfolios. “We can’t control returns, but we can control fees–and minimizing expenses can lead to much higher client returns in the long run,” says Matthew. They pride themselves on attention to detail and delivering investment recommendations based on a universe of options not specific to one firm. He says, “We deliberately chose to be independent advisor representatives so we could give unbiased advice.”

He is past secretary treasurer of the Palm Beach Chapter of NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) and is currently an active member of several business organizations. Matthew has a Series 66 (investment adviser representative). He is a supervised person of Fortitude Advisory Group, LLC. He is also a licensed as an insurance producer in the state of Florida for Life, Health and Disability.

Matthew is married to his college sweetheart, Jennifer Sanes, who is a CPA and works as chief financial officer for a large property and casualty insurance company. For fun, he plays and teaches tournament poker, which challenges both his math and strategy skills. “I have a passion for poker because it’s like a game of chess, except you can’t see the opponents’ moves until the very end,” he says.

Harold Sanes

Harold has been in the financial services industry for 49 years. He originally set out to be an attorney, but instead took up his father’s invitation to join his successful business in Miami–a decision he’s never regretted. So rather than practicing law, Harold began his career in financial services in Florida working for his father, literally starting out in the mailroom. He learned all the technical aspects of insurance and financial planning from one of his dad’s most brilliant agents.

“We ran a traditional mom-and-pop insurance agency, meeting with clients over their kitchen tables at night. After a few years in the business I decided to do things differently. I think like an attorney; my talent, if you will, is the ability to digest complex concepts quickly and boil them down into plain, understandable terms. I developed specialized expertise in estate planning strategies and helped other financial professionals with this aspect of their client presentations all over the country, working out of our offices in South Florida and Chicago” said Harold Sanes.

What Harold focuses on now is providing clients with “sleep-well-at-night” retirement income strategies that are designed to last a lifetime. He accomplishes this by teaching people about Social Security claiming methods and the most efficient way to partner them with planning that will cover their lifestyle expenses regardless of economic conditions. He is a licensed as an insurance producer in the state of Florida for Life, Health, Disability and annuities. Harold is not a registered representative or affiliated with Fortitude Advisory Group, LLC. He loves teaching and is the main speaker at a variety of community workshops. “Whether I’m speaking to 50 or 1,000 people, I have a lot to share from my real experiences with clients. I’ve seen people’s lives truly changed for the better through multiple generations. It has been a very gratifying career,” says Harold.

Harold celebrated his 39th wedding anniversary on Valentine’s Day 2020 with the love of his life, Mary. He spends a lot of time with Matthew and his wife Jennifer, and his father Bill who is 94 years old and lives close by. Thanks to Mary’s inspiration, he makes sure to stay fit by working out early every morning, still weighing what he did in high school. Harold says, “I love spending time with my family, but I can’t imagine not working. Running the company with my son Matthew is an absolute joy. I recognize that I am a very lucky man.”