Wealth Innovations, LLC creates and manages customized investment portfolios for its clients. We believe that the market’s performance over the long run will be positive but in short periods of time can produce a variety of outcomes. In light of this belief, we believe that the best way to achieve consistency of results is to utilize a dynamic asset allocation strategy that is centered around diversifying portfolios not only by investment type but investment strategy. Our firm works with a variety of portfolio strategists/private money managers that range from institutional level firms to boutiques. These firms provide support and research for our portfolios. Each of them has a specific niche and utilize different styes of money management that range from the classic buy and hold to quantitative approaches.

As a fee based advisor, we are compensated by charging a percentage of the assets we manage versus charging a commission for transactions. We feel this helps avoid conflicts of interest and provides better alignment between us and our clients. Our portfolio designs emphasize cost efficiency. To us a dollar saved is the same as a dollar gained. To this end, many of our portfolio designs contain ETF’s and individual securities. The advantage being the flexibility that is gained along with the cost savings for our clients.

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